Solar thermal collectors


Most people have heard of solar PV, or solar electric as they are commonly known. Working on the same principle of solar PV, solar thermal collects solar energy from the sun, but instead of producing electricity, the energy is converted into hot water.

This heated water, sometimes as high as 150°C from the collector (panel) is then transmitted to an energy efficient hot water storage cylinder which is then used to provide hot water throughout your domestic dwelling.

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Solar thermal collectors can collect up to around 2000-2500kWh of solar energy per year. This is dependent on the orientation of your property, geographical location, and several other factors. Meaning this energy can provide up to 1000-1500kWh of deliverable energy to your hot water outlets and can offset your carbon footprint by up to 800kg per year.

Solar thermal systems can be installed alongside Air Source Heat Pumps. They pipe to the same hot water cylinder, so during the summer months they can massively contribute towards savings with your energy bills.

Like Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar thermal systems are eligible for RHI payments. These are calculated in a similar way to ASHP’s, using your EPC to calculate payments being made over a seven-year period, paid out every 3 months, paying out several thousand pounds to the end user.

With the running costs of solar thermal systems being extremely low (a single water pump is required, no bigger than what is used on your central heating system) A fantastic renewable investment for the future!