White gas boiler.


If you are an owner occupier (not renting), then you are eligible for a new boiler. Either in the form of a dual measure, a standalone boiler measure or first-time central heating.

If there is no option for a primary insulation measure, then we can access standalone boiler funding. The funding generated for this type of measure isn’t as substantial as the dual measure route – meaning it will likely require a contribution to facilitate the install.

However, this will still be far more cost effective than instructing your own, domestic contractor.

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First time central heating is available to all tenures, private rented and even social housing tenants. (Subject to permission being granted from your landlord).

First time central heating is exactly what it states – if there is no current wet central heating system in place, we can install a full system to the property:

  • This could be fuelled by mains gas and a conventional natural gas boiler.
  • LPG – via stored liquid petroleum gas, for those properties’ way off the beaten track and no access to the natural gas infrastructure
  • Air Source Heat Pumps – The wet system can be installed implementing an air source heat pump as the main heat generation source – hydronic, meaning heat taken from the air temperature outside is transferred via a heat exchange to a wet radiator system inside.