air source heat pump

Air Source Heat Pumps

One of the fastest growing renewable technologies in the UK, air source heat pumps are seen as the way of the future for heating domestic properties.

They work in the opposite way as an air conditioner, using what is known as K gas to extract warmth from the air (even down to temperatures as low as -15°C), transfer that into a liquid which is then fed into the property to provide not only heating, but [if required] hot water as well.

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All heating products work on an energy coefficient, which focuses on the amount of energy inputted compared to the amount of converted energy emitted.

Most gas combi boilers work on a 1:1 ratio, which means that for every kilowatt of gas energy in, you get a kilowatt of heat energy out. Air source heat pumps usually operate at an average ratio of 1:3 – which is efficient!

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Design, install, commission and maintain

At Eco Home Insulation, we can design, install, commission and maintain all our systems from start to finish. We are accredited to install and supply a full manufacturer’s warranty with Mitsubishi, Grant, Samsung and Midea. The warranty term for these manufacturers is between 7-10 years independently.

Air Source Heat Pumps provide heating, but they can also provide hot water as well. This is done via the installation of a modern, insulated cylinder which indirectly heats the water from the water store then distributes it to rooms as required.

Air source heat pumps are eligible for the government backed Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).