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    You may still qualify for funding if your household income is less than £31k due to flexible eligibility

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      Qualifying Benefits

      Working Tax Credit

      Pension Guarantee Credit

      Housing Benefit (new eligible benefit under ECO4)

      Income Support

      Income related Employment & Support Allowance

      Income-Based Job Seekers Allowance

      Child Tax Credits

      Universal Credit

      Pension Credit Savings Credit (new eligible benefit under ECO4)


      home insulation

      No benefits? – No problem!

      The focus of the ‘ECO’ scheme is primarily towards HHCRO customers (Help to Heat Carbon Reduction Obligation). Basically, if you currently receive one of the above qualifying benefits, you fall into the category of HHCRO.

      However, we understand that not everyone who resides in a low income, fuel poor or vulnerable household receives one of these benefits. Therefore, another route available is via The Local Authority or LA FLEX Scheme.

      The Local Authority or LA Flex Scheme is the ideal solution for households who want to access these grants but don’t currently receive benefits. The flexible approach to identifying fuel poor and vulnerable households who may benefit from heating and energy saving measures is referred to as “ECO4 Flex”.

      With most councils across the UK stating that “the introduction of the ECO4 Flex eligibility routes as it helps the Council achieve its plans to improve the homes of those in fuel poverty or vulnerable to the cold”.

      Eco Home Insulation works closely with numerous County Councils across the Country. If you don’t receive a qualifying benefit but you receive a low income, are considered vulnerable by your Doctor or reside in a hard to heat property, your local authority can refer you to ECO funding via the LA Flex route.

      So don’t despair – no benefits doesn’t mean you don’t have access to the benefits of ‘ECO’ funding.