Internal Wall Insulation

Internal Wall Insulation

A brief overview of the ECO scheme and our role

The ECO Scheme helps to cut carbon emissions and reduce fuel poverty within the UK. The scheme obligates energy companies with more than 150,000 customers to offer energy efficient solutions to those who need it most. The number of measures the companies install all depends on their market share, meaning some smaller companies may have limited availability. However, British Gas, Eon, Octopus, Bulb and EDF are all a part of this scheme and will have more readily available accessibility. 

The ECO scheme doesn’t permit consumers to only use or contact their own energy suppliers. Instead, there are smaller companies that work with these bigger energy suppliers to offer this grant and provide the surveying, installing and continued maintenance of the insulation and heating measures offered.

Eco Home Insulation works as a trusted fitter for these bigger energy companies. Our role involves checking your eligibility for funding, sending our trusted surveyors out to your home to see what measures are required, accessing the funding from the Government for these measures on your behalf, installing the necessary products and helping with any maintenance needed after.

Internal Wall Insulation (IWI)

A large percentage of properties within the UK are categorised as ‘traditional’. This means that these properties have been constructed of either solid brick, stone, concrete, or timber frame (system builds) meaning and do not benefit from a cavity wall unlike most modern homes. 

Due to this, these homes can be difficult to heat/maintain the heat however, a superbly effective way to insulate these more traditional types of properties is internally via a solid wall insulation system or ‘internal wall insulation’ (IWI).

By having IWI installed to your home, you are effectively putting a coat on your house, helping to preventing cold air from entering and any heat escaping via the masonry walls. Insulating these walls will also dramatically help towards lowering your energy bills as your home will stay warmer for much longer. 

Traditional properties are often suffering with what we call “cold wall syndrome” which can be identified with the appearance of mould in habitable rooms as they are notoriously difficult to heat/maintain the heat.

Eco Home Insulation are carded and accredited to install the following IWI systems:

  • SWIP
  • British Gypsum RF & TL

These systems, although different in their design, achieve the same outcome – reduce the thermal conductivity rate of your properties walls (U-value) down to 0.3 transmittance. 

A U-value is the time it takes for heat to penetrate through a substrate – the lower the value, the longer it takes for heat to penetrate through. On average, an untreated wall could have a U-value as high as 10 or more.

The insulation that we install is of a high standard, with the relocation of services such as electrical sockets, switches, skirting boards, windowsills etc. being relocated to the new wall by a qualified engineer. The installation will be finished with plasterboard and high plaster finish in preparation for decoration (we do not provide a decorating service).  

All furniture and furnishings will be protected with carpet protectors and dust sheets. Valuable items and delicate items will ideally be stored away during the install – the surveyor will discuss this with you on his visit.

We can facilitate this installation whilst you are in occupation. For any further information on the installation process or to simply check your eligibility for FREE insulation and heating measures check out our eligibility page or call us on 0333 444 1062. 

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