Embrace the Warmth: The November Chill and the Year-Round Benefits of Proper Home Insulation

As November sets in and the colder months descend upon us, there’s no better time to talk about the essential role of proper insulation in your home. Not only does it keep you cosy during the winter, but it also offers year-round benefits, even helping to keep your home cool in the summer months. Let’s delve into the importance of insulation, with a spotlight on loft insulation, and discover how it can make a significant impact on your comfort and energy bills.

Year-Round Comfort

Winter Warmth: In the chilly months, insulation acts as a barrier, preventing precious heat from escaping. Did you know that 25% of heat is lost through the roof? Loft insulation can significantly reduce this heat loss, making your home warmer and more comfortable.

Summer Coolness: Beyond winter, insulation serves as a shield against the summer heat. It regulates indoor temperatures, keeping your home cool when the sun beats down. The Energy Saving Trust emphasises that correctly installed loft insulation can pay for itself many times over its 40-year lifetime.

The ECO Scheme and Our Role

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Scheme, overseen by Ofgem and the government, plays a crucial role in promoting energy efficiency. Larger energy companies, including British Gas, Eon, Octopus, Bulb, and EDF, are part of this initiative, offering free energy-efficient solutions. Eco Home Insulation works alongside these energy companies, ensuring eligible homes receive the benefits of loft insulation.

Our role includes eligibility checks, surveys, accessing government funding, professional installation, and ongoing maintenance. We aim to make the process seamless, providing not just insulation but also peace of mind.

Loft Insulation: How It Works

Loft insulation is a game-changer, and here’s how it works:

  1. Material: Rolls of mineral wool insulation are commonly used, laid between and over joists to achieve the desired depth (usually 270mm, or 300mm for Eco Home Insulation consumers).
  2. Considerations: Factors like room in roof insulation for living spaces, addressing damp issues, ensuring ventilation, and dealing with storage concerns are essential considerations.
  3. Identification: Not sure if your loft is insulated? Most modern homes meet insulation standards, but older properties may lack adequate insulation, leading to issues like damp and increased energy bills. If you’re unsure, reach out and we can help.

Dos and Don’ts of Loft Insulation

Before embarking on loft insulation, consider these essential dos and don’ts:

  • Water Tanks and Boilers: Don’t cover vents around tanks or boilers; proper ventilation is crucial.
  • Professional Installation: If in doubt or dealing with hard-to-reach spaces, consult professionals for safe and effective installation.
  • Recommended Materials: Use insulation materials recommended by regulators, ensuring they meet specific loft requirements.

Applying for Loft Insulation: 6 Key Points

Considering the rising cost of living, the loft insulation grant through the ECO Scheme becomes an attractive prospect. Here are six key points to consider before applying:

  1. Grant Overview: Understand the loft insulation grant as part of the ECO Scheme, covering various measures to cut carbon emissions and reduce fuel poverty.
  2. Eligibility: The scheme targets low-income, fuel-poor, or vulnerable households, with flexibility through the FLEX scheme for those not meeting standard benefit criteria.
  3. Application Process: Check eligibility through a quick online checker and await a team member’s guidance on your application.
  4. Post-Award Process: Successful applications lead to property assessments and necessary documentation, ensuring correct and safe installation.
  5. Benefits: Enjoy savings on energy bills, increased home value, and a reduced carbon footprint, with the grant covering installation costs.
  6. Notification: Successful applicants are notified within a few weeks, while unsuccessful ones receive feedback on potential next steps.

How We Can Help

At Eco Home Insulation, we’re passionate about helping you save on energy bills, enhancing your home’s living quality, and contributing to a greener environment. Our trusted surveyors assess your home’s needs, advising on the best measures for you. We specialise in topping up loft insulation to a minimum of 300mm, exceeding standard requirements.

If you’re unsure about your loft’s insulation status or want to explore free insulation installation options, contact us today. Visit our eligibility checker at https://www.ecohomeinsulation.co.uk/eligibility/ or call 0333 444 1062.

Let’s make your home warmer, energy-efficient, and comfortable throughout the year.


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