6 Tips to Save on Heating Bills

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If you find yourself prolonging the big ‘heating switch on’, worrying about the increasing costs to energy bills or ever soaring cost of living right now, you’re not too dissimilar to most people we speak to day to day. These unprecedented times have got many worrying about the coming winter and the struggle to heat their homes. Therefore, we have put together 6 of our best and most affordable tips to help save you money over the coming months. 

Invest in some thermal curtains to help keep the heat in during these colder months. 

In our homes, windows are one of the main sources of heat loss as the warm air inside gives up energy through the window as it tries to escape becoming cold and sinking to the bottom of the room. Therefore, by preventing the warm air inside our homes from escaping via the windows we will be keeping the room warm and our heating bills down. 

Although thermal curtains require an upfront cost, with the increasing energy costs you should see the effects on your heating bills in no time. However, if you’re looking for more affordable solutions, you can look to buy a window insulation kit online or add layers of extra protection to your windows including clingfilm and bubble wrap.  Or if you already have thicker curtains installed in your home, keeping these closed during the day will also help to prevent the heat loss, just not as effectively as thermal curtains. 

Ensure your ventilation systems are clean and free of dust/dirt. 

A quick, easy, and affordable tip is to simply check your ventilation systems are clear of any dirt and dust which can prevent the warm air from accessing your home. Making sure no furniture is covering any vents and preventing warm air from entering your home and circulating is also a key tip. Although these are only small, they play a big role in how warm your home is and can have a dramatic impact. 

Be sure to seal any cracks or holes in your doors, walls, and windows.

Again, this is an extremely affordable and effective way to keep your home warm during the colder months. By simply buying some caulk or weatherstripping from your local DIY shop and using it to fill any small gaps or cracks in your walls, doors, and windows you can keep the cold air outside and warm are inside your home. 

Remember even the smallest of gaps can let cold air into your home and allow warm air to escape, so it is important to seal them up. 

Set your programmable thermostat to a lower temperature at night or when you’re not in your home. 

If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat, now may be the time to invest in one. By simply programming your heating to come on when you’re in the house and preventing it from staying on all day when you may be at work or asleep you can save a substantial amount off your bills. Just make sure you set your thermostat to be at a comfortable temperature just before you get home, so you don’t return to a cold house. 

Some thermostats use the location of your phone to programme the temperature, for example when the last person leaves the home, the heating will automatically turn down. Or when it can detect someone returning home it will start to warm up the house. This will mean energy isn’t wasted warming up a house with no one in, keeping costs down. 

Wearing warmer clothes in doors & using hot water bottles or blankets. 

We know this is an obvious one to many, but it is still something a lot of people we regularly encounter don’t do. By wearing warmer clothes, including socks and thermal layers you can help keep yourself comfortable within your home without turning the heating on. Another simple solution is using hot water bottles and blankets to keep yourself warm inside, and again these options can be much cheaper than regularly turning on the heating. 

Bonus tips! 

Another simple tip is to close the doors to any rooms that aren’t in use. By shutting off doors or turning the heating off in rooms you don’t use, you can save money on your heating bills and keep the warm air in the rooms used most frequently. 

Draft excluders are also effective for preventing cold air from entering rooms and warm air from escaping. 

Lastly, you may wish to invest in insulation, heating and renewable upgrades for your home or check if you’re eligible for the ECO 4 Scheme. 

The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO 4) scheme offers low-income, vulnerable and fuel poor households to apply for funding meaning these types of measures can be installed for free via companies such as Eco Home Insulation. Our role involves checking your eligibility for funding, sending our trusted surveyors out to your home to see what measures are required, accessing the funding from the Government for these measures on your behalf, installing the necessary products and helping with any maintenance needed after.

Or if you are not eligible for this scheme we also provide all our services at a competitive rate. 

For more information or to check your eligibility visit our website or call us today on 0333 444 1062

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