Room In Roof Insulation

It’s well known that properties loose a large proportion of their heat through their roof. With Room In Roof Insulation we will completely insulate your RIRI. This involves installing insulation backed plasterboard, plastering and in certain circumstances – redecorating and more. If your property scores high on our survey there is potential for not only replastering but new wood work, decoration and even carpet.


Loft Insulation

This does exactly what it says on the tin. You may already have loft insulation – however if it hasn’t been done in the past 10 or so years there is a good chance the amount with in the loft is no longer up to current standards. We will install new loft insulation up to current standards giving you a much warmer property and a saving on your energy bills.

Again depending upon the initial survey this is likely all done completely free of charge to your self. Regardless of which provider supplies your property, under the ECO scheme it will be funded by them – finally something back.

Internal Solid Wall Insulation

Older properties and some not so old don’t always benefit from having a cavity (a space) between the external wall and the internal wall. Some are prefabricated or constructed from concrete or stone creating a solid wall. Solid walls aren’t conducive to good insulation qualities and as such, under ECO, are eligible for IWI.

This is a similar process to RIRI and involves installing insulation backed plasterboard over the existing walls and replastering – making a real, tangible, warming difference to the whole property.

And importantly saving you considerable money in heating the property and ultimately on your fuel bills.

All IWI come with an independant 25 year backed guarantee so you can rest assured a free, quality install that will stand the test of time.

All properties and measures are subject to a survey from a member of our team here at ECO Home Insulation. Depending upon the results of the survey, certain properties may be eligible to a lot more.

For example properties which are ‘off-grid’ and heated by electric as opposed to gas score high on our calculator. As such other works can be facilitated through the scheme. For example, if your flat is heated by electric panel heaters, there’s a good chance we will be able to insulate, replaster and redecorate all the rooms in the roof. New woodwork such a skirtings and architraves and in certain circumstances, even a nice new carpet. And if there’s another room in the property which you would like some attention in,  maybe a wall or ceiling replastering, let us know. If it scores high we will take care of this for you on our visit also.

And yes, all the above, depending upon survey, could be completely free (well not free BUT paid for by the energy companies and not you)

No works will be started without a survey and complete transparency with you, the customer. Rest assured we treat every home we visit as if it was our own and as such the level or service and finish you can expect is second to none. If your not happy we’re not happy and we will do whatever it takes to make sure you are.