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Don't be confused by High Insulation U-Values

U-value only measures how well insulation resists heat movement through the insulation material (called conductive heat flow). It doesn’t take into account how well the material stops heat movement from convection, carried in the air. Air leakage can cause up to half of your home’s energy loss.

Reduce Air leakage
U-value doesn’t measure air flow through a material, so without air sealing your home could lose a lot of heated or cooled air – see the video demonstrating this. Icynene spray foam insulation seals your home as well as providing an effective R-value.

More or Thicker Insulation and Lower U-Values Are Not Always Better
Icynene spray foam insulation can provide a high enough U-value plus offering air sealing to maximise comfort and minimise your energy bills.

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About Icynene

Eco Home Insulation has been established to offer a portfolio of high-performance spray foam insulation. We can install Icynene insulation nationwide including Scotland, England, Wales, Guernsey, Jersey and Ireland.

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