The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a government energy efficiency scheme in Great Britain that is designed to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty.

In short, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has made the main energy suppliers who have a customer base of 250,000 or more (British Gas, E-on, EDF etc) fund energy saving measures to existing dwellings.


The fundamentals of the scheme are as follows; 

To make existing homes warmer and as such more comfortable.

To reduce fuel poverty and save (at present) every single household, regardless of occupiers status, on their fuel bills. Who doesn’t like making a saving?

And to dramatically reduce carbon emissions in a bid to help the environment and ultimately a step towards reversing global warming.

We here at ECO Home Insulation are registered ECO installers and as such install 3 different types of measures that are available under the scheme.

These being room in roof insulation (RIRI), Internal solid wall insulation – 25 year guarantee backed (IWI) and loft insulation.


There are currently 2 main types of funding available to all individuals. If you (or your tenants) are in receipt of any of the following benefits then you will qualify for a higher level of funding and as such, not only may you get the entire works carried out for free (yes free – there really is no catch) but you may also be eligible for further renovation works including replastering, redecorating and even new carpet – at no cost to you – now or ever.

This is however, subject to a free, no obligation survey carried out on the property by a member of our team – Get in touch here to get the ball rolling or to simply speak to someone to find out more.
If you aren’t in receipt of any form of benefits then don’t despair, there is still funding available to you also.

This area of funding is calculated differently and as such doesn’t generate the same level of investment. However the majority of measures can still be installed completely free of charge and gain all the benefits that come with installing up to date insulation measures that are now the current spec for building regulations. Bringing older homes up to date with new technology.

(Please note that the above is going to change. As of the 1st of October 2018 the third phase of the scheme, ECO 3 will be rolled out. At this point this avenue of funding to all individuals will unfortunately no longer be available and claiming one of the benefits detailed will be required to access funding*.)

ECO Home Insulation will leave you with a warmer home, that’s cheaper to heat and which is also playing its part in reducing carbon emissions and helping reduce impact upon the environment.

And in the majority of cases it won’t cost you a single penny, ever.

So lets make a difference for ourselves and for our future selves – We look forward to hearing from you.