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We are the approved installer for the Icynene spray foam insulation system. We work on residential, commercial and agricultural projects throughout the UK specialising in loft insulation, wall insulation, timber frame insulation and barn conversions. We welcome the opportunity to share some of the benefits that the Icynene spray foam insulation system can offer your project.


Icynene spray foam insulation offers the market leading soft foam and air barrier insulation system. 100% water-blown spray foam insulation that reduces air-leakage the biggest cause of energy loss.

Using Icynene allows increased energy efficiency and saves you money for the life of the installation, by reducing air leakage you indoor environment will healthier and quieter.

Icynene's ability to fill all gaps allows designers to have greater freedom when designing a building and allows you to use every square foot of the build for the owners benefit.

Icynene offer a lifetime
warranty with no loss of insulation performance, it will not shrink, sag or settle.

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Make no mistake. Icynene is a premium product and can't be compared to traditional insulation products because it has so many more advantages. It's more energy efficient, healthier, quieter, greener and improves the comfort within your home.

Using icynene will show significant savings in your energy bill, Icynene is more affordable and the best investment you will ever make in your home.

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About Icynene

Eco Home Insulation has been established to offer a portfolio of high-performance spray foam insulation. We can install Icynene insulation nationwide including Scotland, England, Wales, Guernsey, Jersey and Ireland.

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